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Searching the internet for golf resorts can take time. The work has been done for you. We have found golf resort and spa web sites in over 50 countries. We provide links to Golf resort & spa web sites and provide selection fields to limit the resort golf sites by State or Country. We display basic information about each Golf Club resorts including each golf course associated with the resort with the length, par and slope/rating. Our Golf Package page provides links to web sites that help you book a golf resort vacation. We are adding more golf and spa resort web sites all the time, so check back regularly.


5/12/2013  New enhancements to the Country and City selection fields.
1/10/2013  Major enhancements have been made to the site.
           More selection options in the Basic or Advanced Search area.
11/19/2012 Golf Resorts page now has over 700 web sites.
10/30/2012 Links to 1550 web sites now available. has a page on Facebook.

You will be able to view all the sites or limit them based on selection criteria. For example, you can drill down to a specific area you wish to visit and see only the web sites for that area.

This site provides links to 1795 web sites broken into several categories (see below).

This web site is free to use. We are continually searching for new web sites to include in our database, so the next time you visit there will be even more choices available

Use the tees on the left to go to the page for the type of web site you are looking for. The list of sites shown will be based on your geographical location. You can easily refresh this list by chosing different selections. Your selections will be remembered until you close the web browser.

Golf Resorts

A Golf Resort web site is a site that usually has a hotel or some kind of accommodation associated with a golf course or courses. The resort might offer other activities and services, but they have been included in this list because they have at least one golf course.

Golf Packages

A Golf Package web site offers packages and golf course information. The golf package site may be limited by city, state or country.

Golf Courses

A Golf Course web site provides information about a specific Golf Club and will include information about the course(s). Some of these sites also provide information about local accommodation.

Golf Trails

A Golf Trail web site provides information about a series of golf courses that have been designated as a Trail and assigned a Trail name.

Golf Shopping

A Golf Shopping web site is a site that sells golf equipment, for example, golf balls, tees, clubs and bags.